Real-Time Bidding

STOP Paying "Retail" For Traffic! - In the past, the accepted way of byuing traffic was to pay whatever the posted retail prices called for. NOT ANY MORE! Real-Time Bidding allows you to automatically buy traffic in the RTB Marketplace where you Pay a Fraction Of Retail Pricing.... GUARANTEED!

Audience Retargeting

Never Lose A Potential Buyer AGAIN! Over 98% Of Qualified Visitors WILL LEAVE Your Site Without Buying! And Audience Retargeting Drives Them Back! Some Businesses Get Over 900% ROI !!!! If You're Not Using It, You're Losing Out On A HUGELY Successful Method.


Language Targeting - Target Potential Customers In Virtually Any Language; Select Global, National, Regional, State or Local Targeting Options. Drill down to the most targeted geographical areas.... this is the most exhaustive Geo-Targeting you'll find anywhere.

Big Data Targeting

The Ultimate In Visitor Profiling - Third Party Data Brokers can deliver some of the most highly targeted and specific visitors imiaginable. Select visitors based on; Income, Education, Job Title, Economic Status, Previous Purchases, In-Market Buyers, Careers, Credit.... virtually unlimited targeting options.

IAB Contextual Targeting

98% Marketplace Access - Instead of Buying a "Brand", why not buy YOUR Audience, no matter where they are online. Members get traffic from sites like Facebook, eBay, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google... bid for traffic on ANY site that sells ad placements. Finding The Right visitor at the right time is at your command.

Zip-Code Targeting

US Only - Another highly accurate targeting method. Just paste in your list of Zip Codes to target visitors based on the United States Postal Service system of identifying states and city locations.

Site Targeting

The Largest Avaialble Placements - You can bid and place your offer on virtually ANY Site Throughout The Real-Time Bidding Marketplace, Not Just Several Thousand. Use Free Tools Like google Display Planner, to paid services like WhatRunsWhere, to select the exact sites you want to display your offer.

Search Engine Retargeting

Short Tail KEYWORDS!!!! Companies Like Chango And Add This collect the search strings of visitors on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. Bid on Some of the Most Popular short Tail Keywords.... the keywords that attract Massive traffic! Say Goodbye To SEO Promises And Gimmicks Gor Good.

Nielsen DMA Certified Targeting

Get guaranteed targeted local visitors with DMA Targeting. DMa or Designated Market Area was created ny Nielsen to measure a viewing or listening audience for major Television and Radio Stations. Now local businesses can get the same targeting accuracy to identify local customers.
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